Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simply Intuitive

This is one of my simply intuitive paintings, no pencil drawing on the paper prior to painting and no pre-planning of even what I was going to paint.  I selected colors I felt drawn to, testing how they mixed on a scrap of watercolor paper.  On partially wet paper I added color intuitively, intending not to create any recognizable image but to create a pleasing abstract design with which to start. I then let it dry, the result of which you can see below. 
Stepping back from my painting frequently to pay attention to all parts at once, I created a variety of soft and hard edges, increased value contrasts, and some texture by spattering.  These subsequent additions were minimal but essential, as you can see, carefully and deliberately added to create balance, excitement and depth.  There you go. I called this one, Depth of Red.  Hope you like it.

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